Shiny Polyester Satin
Country of Origin - China
Uses - Decoration - drapes, tables, chairs
Lining - Lining for jackets, clothing, and costumes of all kinds, crafts etc.
Composition - 100% polyester
Feel - Soft
Texture - Smooth
Appearance - Shiny, not see through
Stength - Low-Medium
Drapyness - Medium


Heavy Polyester Satin

Stretch Satin

Polyester Poplin

Polyester Tafetta

Polyester Sparkle Organza


Cotton Lawn


Shiny Polyester Satin (140 g) aka Medium Satin, Light Weight Satin, Width - 58/60"


Product Colors (Colors may differ in real product)

image   image   image
Orchid   Purple   Dark Purple
image   image   image
Eggplant   Mint Green   Apple Green
image   image   image
Lime Green   Kiwi Green   Sage Green
image   image   image
Kelly Green   Olive Green   Baby Blue
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